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It's never too late to get strong!


Believe it or not, we have to move MORE as we age. Are you experiencing any of these: 

  • Tired all the time

  • Achy joints

  • Belly fat

  • Muscle mass loss (sarcopenia)

  • Lack of motivation 

  • Low bone density (osteopenia/osteoporosis)

​And you don’t have any idea what your next step is?

The hard facts and research estimate that between the age of 60-70 years old, we have lost 12% of our muscle mass due to sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) and those over 80 have lost over 30%.  

Osteoporosis and obesity also go hand-in-hand with sarcopenia as high risk factors as we age. Strength and resistant training are an effective way to build muscle and keep your quality of life by staying fit and feeling good. Here at Wellness By Anna, I work with your Whole Self.  As a Functional Personal trainer, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga therapist, I create a supportive environment that enables you to find your best self through movement, wholesome eating, healthy habits, and a community of like-minded people.

About WBA

About WBA: Go deeper with expert guidance

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 Hi. I’m Anna.

When I turned the big “5-oh”, I had an awesome birthday. I even got a custom cocktail made for the occasion! But… there were a few gifts I didn’t count on. Adrenal fatigue. Frozen shoulder. Thyroid malfunction. Weight gain. Sound familiar?

When was the last time you felt good in your body? When did you feel like you owned your own body?  Let’s get back to that place.  You CAN own your body and trust that it’s “got your back” for whatever life presents you.

In the past year, I have joined forces as an affiliate with Training the Older Adult (TOA) who have a diehard commitment to continued learning and education. As a team, we offer the highest standard of training developed through peer reviewed and proven education. Our mission is to improve your quality of life physically through proper programming and exercise progressions. 

Certified as: 

"Training the Older Adult" specialist  (

NASM certified personal trainer (

Yoga therapist/instructor (

Integrative holistic health coach (

Brain longevity therapy trainer (


Work with me

Work with me: Virtual coaching

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From the comfort of your home gym, we will work out together twice a week in a semi-private training (2-5 participants) setting. Virtual training takes place twice a week with me with an option of on-demand training videos (when you need more flexibility in your schedule). These sessions provide you with a combination of flexibility, cardio, strength and resistance exercises. A definite focus on good form and posture is present in every training. Live virtual workouts are a solid support system to keep you accountable and be with like-minded individuals.  

A healthy movement plan that fits in your life and can be sustained for the long term. 


Develop a wellness program that is sustainable and lifelong.

Establish a workout routine with techniques to help you re-center and re-balance your life and fit in with your current practices.

Better to be ahead of the game than wait and play catch up. 

​Could your fitness routine use an upgrade to help you finally achieve your goals?



Andie ..."my best shape ever."

I have been training with Anna for 10 years. I started on my 59th birthday and have continued working out with her 2 times a week. It has been a valuable long-term investment in my health and appearance. I am in great shape - toned, strong and fit, looking younger than my age and more importantly feeling younger. I believe I am in the best shape ever. Anna is always modifying the routine while each time addressing stretching, balance, strength building and cardio. 


Julienne..."from  couch potato to a lean mean exercising machine"

Anna has taken me from couch potato to a lean mean exercising machine, she does so with kindness and ferocity, I look forward to her workouts, always different, and always learning something new. I especially noticed an improved difference especially in my upper body after I added sessions to workout two days a week. Such a difference.

Char ... I even like jogging now. 

Michelle … “yoga, holistic approach and good energy”

I thought I was aging well and in decent shape until the simple act of carrying plastic bags of groceries in each arm caused muscle strain in my neck and shoulders. Yikes! Time to consult a trainer. I appreciate her background in yoga, holistic approach and good energy – it was a perfect fit.

David … “truly meets me where I am”

I have dealt with injuries for a long time. I used to have a very physical job that banged me up pretty good. Anna is the first trainer to truly meet me where I am and work with what I have. A flare-up of an old back injury forced me to stop running about 6 months ago, but after working with Anna on balance and stability issues, and on postural changes, I am back to doing short runs. I feel better than I have in years. I strongly recommend Anna if you want a trainer who will invest time in you and truly teach you how to improve your health from within yourself.

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